Dear Elector

Dear Elector,

I am writing for one last time in this election to ask you to vote for me. It has been my privilege to represent the Wokingham constituency in past Parliaments. I have important work in progress for you which I would like to continue.

Locally I have been working to improve our local facilities by encouraging and supporting new investment in better train services and stations, in better road links and parking, in more school places to offer choice and good quality education, and to protect our best green spaces. The next five years will be central to this task. In the last Parliament we saw the completion of Reading station, extra Great Western capacity, and a new station in Wokingham. In the next Parliament we need to see better roads into Reading and to get across Wokingham, more new schools, and an improved Wokingham town centre. In West Berkshire we need to do more to protect the rural qualities of much of the area, and to improve the maintenance of existing roads.

Conservatives offer a continuation of the economic recovery, lower taxes and home ownership for the many. Raising the tax thresholds for basic rate and 40% tax on incomes will make work more worthwhile and leave individuals and families more of their own money to spend as they choose.

Nationally in the last Parliament I championed the causes of a new relationship with the EU, backed by a referendum, and justice for England. The next Parliament is likely to see constitutional reform at its core. The Parliament will start with the task of enacting more devolution to Scotland. This should trigger the question  of justice for England. As the Euro area presses onward with more political integration for its members, so any government of the UK must define a new relationship. We want to be friends with them, trade with them and co-operate with them, but not be dragged into a political union we do not want  and have not voted for.

I would like to be part of trying to sort out these mighty issues for you and the wider nation. It will be easier to achieve if we also find we have a Conservative government after tomorrow.

Yours sincerely
John Redwood


Published and promoted by Thomas Puddy for John Redwood, both at 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU

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  1. Peter Leach
    May 6, 2015

    Here’s wishing you every success John. I’d give my right arm ( well almost) to be able to vote for a candidate with your good sense, energy and judgement.

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