Thank you to the voters of Wokingham


I would like to thank all who voted for me to resume my duties as Wokingham’s MP. I would like to assure all those who did not that I will seek to represent all when┬áindividuals need help in dealing with government and when mistakes have been made or policy is not fair.

I would like especially to thank all who helped in my election campaign, putting out leaflets, contacting voters and running the office. I also want to thank all those who stood for election, and those who helped them. All those of us who believe in an active democracy should be grateful to people who give of their time and money to provide electors with choices at election time.


  1. Cliff. Wokingham.
    May 8, 2015

    Congratulations John.
    A good result for England and the UK.
    With UKIP polling such a large share of the popular vote and few seats to show for that share, will we see yet another row over election reform?

    The only thing that dissappointed me was Mr Clegg holding onto his seat and Mr Farage not getting elected.

    Are you now, or very near to being, The Father of the House?

    Reply No, of course not. There are many older than me who have been here longer

  2. Rods
    May 8, 2015

    Congratulations on your reelection and the Conservative party winning a majority.

    In the end it was as I personally predicted a rerun of 1992. People saying they were going to vote Labour made a different choice when their hand was wavering over the ballot paper with the thought of red Ed in number 10.

    I hope now your party has a full mandate, they use it to make some of the necessary changes they couldn’t make due to the constraints of being in a coalition.

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