Wokingham traffic

Now that the new Station link is in place and some of the road works have lifted, I am interested I hearing from you about your daily journey and if things are now a bit better. I am also planning to talk to the Councils about congestion, improved junction layouts for better traffic flows and safer use, and Wokingham’s ambitious road programme going forward. It would be good to get some more responses before I do so, to add to the doorstep conversations and emails I have received on this hot topic.


  1. Pauline Jorgensen
    May 24, 2015

    Particularly concerned about traffic on Lower Earley Way eastbound in the mornings which has been made worse by Reading Boroughs Shinfield Road traffic lights which serve to deflect traffic onto alternative routes such as Wokingham Road and Lower Earley Way. In particular I am also concerned that when the new Hatch Farm Daries development in Winnersh is built the impact of traffic on the peripheral road – together with the planned traffic light junction by the Loddon will bring the whole place to a standstill.

  2. alan jutson
    May 26, 2015

    New Wokingham Station.

    Having attempted to drop of some family members last week travelling from the Woosehill area I used the new link road off A329 for the first time

    What an absolute fiasco.

    Double Yellow lines everywhere, and no waiting cones on the kerbside.

    Just six waiting or drop off places outlined, of which two were still taken up with contractors vehicles (still some work going on after two years), the other four had waiting cars in them.

    Drove around the mini system twice, only solution to stop on double yellow lines for as short a time as possible, and hope not to get fined, or the alternative pay £7.50 car park fee for 5 mins.

    Anyone with elderly/disabled people, or people with a large amount of baggage (remember trains run to Gatwick) would need to have stopped for longer and probably would have delayed traffic.

    Why no right turn into the Station from Station Road it just seems daft not to have this facility.

    From the level crossing the new road to the Station has a so called pull in space which is only one metre wide (what a daft silly small width place this is, that cars cannot park completely off of the new road), also has double yellow lines, WHY !!!!!

    Given the size and width of the new extensive paved areas, I see absolutely no reason why we could not have had a right turn from Station road into the Station, and some decent amount of space for drop offs and waiting.

    Winnersh/Showcase roundabout.
    After 14 weeks of absolute chaos, can anyone see any difference at all, other than new lights.

    Lower Earley Cycle Track.
    I am told it has cost about £2,000,000, but serious cyclists still seem use the road (which is now more narrow) every time I have driven along this stretch, because the new three metre wide fenced and raised cycle track is now being used by dog walkers, and joggers !!

    Thus those cyclists who use the road are now more at risk as the road is more narrow and they have no where to go in an emergency as they are actually fenced in on the road.

    Why do all of these projects take so, so long to complete, and seem to have such little thought as to the finished consequences.

    New Wokingham relief roads Planned
    The Southern Route.
    Just seems daft to bring out a relief road between two low and narrow bridges

    The Northern Route.
    Seems daft not to have a connection to the A329M at the warren inn bridge.

  3. David Price
    May 31, 2015

    I navigated the new road layout in Wokingham last week to visit the council offices. I was not aware that the right turn to the station just before Shute End had been closed off and the new traffic light junction had to be used – muych clearer signage would be useful. Traffic flow appeared much easier around the new layout though I have not had to use the station myself.

    I agree with Alan there appears to be no useful benefit from the Showcase roundabout works which caused so much disruption.

    I also agree with others that the Lower Earley bypass has become a joke, the traffic hindering by road islands and the bicycle track which is used by everyone but cyclists is an utter waste of money. As a resident I was never consulted about its planning nor its cost, please sack the executive involved in its establishment then tear it out.

    Reply I am glad you think the new station layout is better – that has been my finding so far. The Loddon roundabout was repairing the lights, not improving the junction. I have put other residents’ complaints about the cycleway to Councillors.

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