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The Rt Hon. John Redwood MP is The Freedom Association’s ‘Parliamentarian of the Week’
By Andrew Allison On June 12, 2015 The Freedom Association is pleased to announce that the Rt Hon. John Redwood MP is this week’s ‘Parliamentarian of the Week.’

The European Union Referendum Bill had its second reading this week, and during the debate John Redwood made an excellent speech in which he said “I believe in the sovereignty of the British people and I would like to help them restore it.” He also went on to speak about trade. Here is part of what he said:

“I would like to reassure anyone watching or listening to this debate that our trade is not at risk, whether we stay in or leave. There is no need to accept my word for that – I am sure that many people will not – but they may accept the word of the German Finance Minister, who has very clearly stated that he would like Britain to stay in, but that if we leave, of course Germany would want to trade with us on the same terms as she currently does. And why is that? it is because Germany sells us twice as much as we sell her.”

He finished his speech by saying:

“Let us get rid of these myths. Our economy is not at risk, and being out of the EU or in a better and new relationship with the EU is the future: it means we can be more prosperous, have more freedom and, above all, restore the sovereignty of the British people. We can restore our parliamentary democracy.”

The myths John Redwood talks about will no doubt be repeated ad nauseam throughout the referendum campaign, but it must be made clear that they are myths, and we must rebut them at every opportunity.

I offer John Redwood my congratulations as this week’s worthy recipient of our ‘Parliamentarian of the Week’ award.

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