Heathrow noise

I have arranged a meeting with the Chief Executive of Heathrow to take up the question of more noise from aircraft over the Wokingham constituency. Many residents remain unhappy about the change of flightpaths put through without consultation. I will also review ways in which aircraft noise could be reduced. Anyone with points they would like me to put can log them here or send them to me at Parliament, London SW1A 0AA or 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU.

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  1. alan Wheatley
    June 15, 2015

    I can remember when living at Arborfield from time to time Concord announced its presence overhead – well, it was impossible not to notice!

    As I understand it, the main argument for increasing slots at Heathrow is to maintain its role as an international “hub” airport rather than to handle passengers and freight to and from the London area.

    I can see the strategic sense in the UK having a major hub airport, perhaps the main hub in Europe given our convenient location for transatlantic flights, but I do not see why the hub has to be at Heathrow, nor anywhere near the capital. Somewhere like Prestwick would make more sense as it has the best weather in the UK for an airport, is on the great circle flight path to North America, is ideally placed for routes to fan out to the East, and the environmental impact will be minuscule relative to London.

    Heathrow, being the capital, would still handle a large number of international direct flights, but if the hub function was developed elsewhere the pressure for more slots would go away.

    No doubt the Chief Executive of Heathrow would argue a good case was to why it has to be Heathrow, but then he would, wouldn’t he! It would be good if you were well placed to test the quality of his arguments.

    Oh yes, and from what I have read the Scottish Government have bought Prestwick and the SNP are looking for ways to develop it. So, now the Scots have voted to stay in the Union a UK government initiative for Prestwick would let the Scots know the English love them and help cement the future of the Union!

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