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I have raised with Wokingham Borough the issue of school places. The Council tell me the 3 new primaries and the new secondary at Arborfield will take care of the likely demand in the next few years. Arborfield will be phased in line with forecasts of local demand for extra secondary places. There is also a small bulge in demand in primary places in Earley which will be accommodated by increased places at several schools. Anyone concerned about this should talk to their Councillor. A temporary bulge in demand in a particular area will unfortunately limit choice of school for some.


  1. Lynn Boba
    June 17, 2015

    Hello John
    I am one of the parents affected by the “small bulge” requirements for Primary places in Earley. You state this will be accommodated by increased places at several schools and a temporary bulge in a particular area will limit choices of school for some. Councillors and officials were not able to explain this tonight- please could you clarify if these increased places will be for this September’s intake & if they will be in Earley? Are you also saying that a temporary bulge will limit our choices by making us travel to schools 3 plus miles away? Very much look forward to some clarity on this. Thank you.

    Reply I have reported what I was told by the Council when I asked. Yes, as I understand it, some may be offered places at a school further away from their home. As numbers imply no spare places not everyone will get their first choice. The Council assure me there will be sufficient places for each year in question.

  2. Narrow shoulders
    June 18, 2015

    Housing, school places, NHS

    Common denominator too much immigration in pursuit of economic growth to the detriment of the populous. Time for a change

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