Home ownership for the many

On Monday I attended a meeting with the Secretary of State for Communities and local government, and the Housing Minister. I explained the need for more affordable homes to buy in Wokingham, and asked for more information on the government scheme proposed in the Conservative Manifesto to offer 20% discounts on new  homes for first time buyers.


The Ministers confirmed their intentions to press on with this. I have written to Councillors urging Wokingham and West Berkshire to co-operate with this scheme. I will follow up with further meetings.

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  1. Pete
    July 7, 2015

    More pumping up the housing market? Haven’t we had enough of that in the last 40 years? We might actually get affordable housing in Britain if the government would just leave it alone to find sustainable levels, something a free market does better than any politician pimping for votes.

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