What can you expect from this Conservative government?

Yesterday I made a speech to the Wokingham Constituency Conservative Lunch Club who invited me to their event.

I reminded them that together we campaigned for tax cuts for all. The government has promised to cut income tax for everyone by raising both the threshold before you pay tax, and raising the threshold at which you have to start paying 40% tax.

We campaigned for home ownership for the many. Help to Buy, affordable homes for sale, and Stamp Duty reform are part of a big package of measures to let more young people turn their dream of home ownership into reality.

We campaigned for justice for England. The government has promised to change the rules for setting Income Tax, for deciding English only spending and laws for England. Once Scotland sets her own Income Tax in Edinburgh, England should have the same rights through the votes and voices of English MPs.

We campaigned for a new relationship with the EU and a referendum on the result of the negotiation. Parliament is well advanced in putting through the necessary legislation, and the PM has started negotiations.

We campaigned for more and better jobs, and for it to always be worthwhile working. Since the election the government has announced higher incomes for the lower paid, general pay is going up in real terms again, and benefit reform is ensuring it is always wo0rthwhile working where jobs are available.