Guide Dogs

I met the Guide Dog representatives at party Conference. They are running their campaign to stop pavement parking, as bay parked vehicles get in the way of blind people seeking to walk along the pavement. I support their campaign and will raise it again with Ministers.

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  1. alan jutson
    October 7, 2015

    I agree absolutely that pavements should be kept clear for pedestrians, prams, pushchairs and wheelchair users.

    Shame so many local authorities want the roads on new developments made narrow to discourage the dreaded car owners, who then find if they have visitors they simply have to park part on the pavement so as not to block the road and allow it to remain open.

    Shame also that so many local authorities encourage, and place cycle lanes on paths. Wokingham being a prime example.
    Cyclists then think they have some sort of god given right to cycle on all pavements and not the road.

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