Flood prevention in Wokingham

I have received an up date on progress with preventing floods in  Wokingham Borough. This is now a duty of the local authority.

The Council has helped with individual property protection  in three vulnerable areas.  It as worked with Lidl to produce a scheme of improvements on a section of the Emm brook, and will seek to do more of this through the design and works for the southern distributor road.

Part of the flood alleviation on the A327 is being achieved through the new Shinfield bypass. There is also an additional scheme for the section to the east of the new by pass.

The Council is working on a scheme for the Loddon roundabout on the A 329 but does not yet have the money for this. The Park and Ride has been relocated to a less exposed site.

Schemes are also planned soon for Church Lane in Shinfield and for Eastheath Gardens in Wokingham.