Letter to the Chief Executive of NATs on aircraft noise

I have sent this letter to the Chief Executive of NATs in regard to the issue of aircraft noise. I am also making representations to Heathrow Airport, Wokingham Borough Council and to the Aviation Minister:

Mr Martin Rolfe
Chief Executive Officer
NATS, 4000 Parkway
Whiteley, Fareham
Hampshire PO15 7FL

8 October 2015

Dear Mr Rolfe

I am writing to you about the impact that overhead noise from aircraft traveling to and from Heathrow Airport is having on my constituents.

Last year, NATs began experimenting with new trial routes to Heathrow. These were discontinued early as a result of the new noise levels, which were intolerable. However, the routes did not revert to the old pattern.

What seems to happen now is a concentration of all flights in narrow corridors instead of spreading them out, creating air motorways over my constituency which cause big disturbance and unhappiness. As a result, this issue has become very contentious locally.

It would be better if NATs could go back to the system operated prior to last year’s ill-conceived experiments. This would help to reduce the concentrated noise. I enclose an example of correspondence I have received from local residents, which demonstrates the impact this is having.

I would appreciate your comments on this matter.

Yours sincerely

John Redwood

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  1. K Ebrahimi
    October 18, 2015

    Thanks Mr Redwood for raising this issue to the authorities.
    I would like to suggest all residents who are experiencing loud aircraft noise in their neighbourhood to make complaints directly to heathrow via the following website, it is quite easy to fill in a complaint and make your voice further heard.


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