Crime falls in Thames Valley

The latest figures show Thames Valley crime down by 31% compared to 2010. The national figures are also encouraging, with crime down 30% since 2010 and by 8% over the last year.


  1. Antisthenes
    October 21, 2015

    I think we should be wary about patting ourselves on the back because crime is down. I do not believe crime is down because if you add cyber crime which we are going to do crime is up. What has occurred is that some crime has moved from the streets onto the internet. Very worrying is that it has like drug trafficking made what was previously crimes only perpetrated by domestic criminals is now being done remotely by hordes of foreign criminals.

    Cyber crime could very easily be stopped if the victims were not so much their own worst enemies by falling for the scams. Then people are people and making many of them act responsibility is an unwinnable battle. What makes it more impossible is the rise of statism so that now everything is the states fault not theirs.

    1. James Sutherland
      October 23, 2015

      I hope it’s a fall in actual crime levels, rather than the usual get-out about “recorded” crime which restricts it to crimes the police wanted reported rather than swept under the carpet, much too easy to manipulate.

      As for cyber crime: some consists of trivial scams, but others are far more sophisticated, breaking passwords, encryption and other forms of protection to steal information, money and more; disturbingly, our own Prime Minister publicly declared that he didn’t want proper security, in case it inconvenienced his government’s own spying efforts.

      etc ed

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