Heathrow Community Noise Forum

I am reproducing below the recent notes from the Heathrow meeting about noise with local community groups, which shows it is not just Wokingham that is unhappy about changed routes:

At the Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF) meeting on 5 November the attached Statement (CNF-statement-05-11-15)was presented on behalf of 8 out of the 9 community groups on the forum, expressing concern about the rate of progress achieved to date and that the creation HCNF had been used directly and indirectly by Heathrow in support of its case for a third runway.

Members of the HCNF are gravely concerned at the misuse of the forum by Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) to further its expansion ambitions and that MPs and authorities are being misled as to the level of engagement and support by those same communities. Let us be absolutely unequivocal. Contrary to the PR message being broadcast by HAL:
• The Communities are united in their view that the HCNF is failing to accept, address or remedy the current noise issues demanded by Communities.
• The Communities in NO WAY accept the severe and unprecedented levels of noise to which they are now subjected and are demanding measures to revert skies to previous noise patterns.
• The Communities object in the strongest possible terms to the misleading information and analysis distributed by HAL to those parties who will be involved in the decision on further airport expansion, examples in the statement attached.
• The Communities have put HAL on notice that unless significant and immediate changes are made both to the rate of progress of the forum and the behaviour of HAL in its misleading marketing and PR activities, Communities will leave this forum branding it no more than a box-ticking PR exercise.
With an imminent decision on approval for a third runway, this communication ensures that you are now fully aware of the reality of the situation on the ground and the lack of support for current airspace changes resulting in noise for thousands of people, as well as an expansion of HAL’s current operation.

The message the public hears is that our Ministers are being ‘gagged’. Those democratically elected are there to represent the interests of their constituents first and foremost. To fail, or be prevented from speaking up on the issues on behalf of the electorate in favour of corporate interests makes a mockery of democracy.

With the health and well-being of thousands of people now being adversely affected, as evidenced by the unprecedented and record level of complaints made to HAL as well as the rapid rise in the number of community opposition groups, those instrumental in adding yet more noise, distress and harm by the changed use of airspace or further expansion should be prepared for a legal challenge.

On behalf of:
Aircraft Noise 3 Villages (Lightwater, Bagshot & Windlesham)
Englefield Green Action Group

Harmondsworth and Sipson Residents Association
Plane Daft – Ascot
Richings Park Residents Association
Richmond Heathrow Campaign
Steve Bax, Councillor – Molesey East
Teddington Action Group


  1. Bob Mclellan
    November 17, 2015

    The PR machine and the corporate capture of government by Heathrow is a disgrace. This is like the social engineering of large swathes of London to the prefabricated concrete towns which ended up being torn dawn as urban mistakes. Government needs to understand that the Northern powerhouse will not be well served by further overheating the southern economy which Heathrow expansion will do and substitute regional airline capacity.
    Infrastructure costs and air and noise pollution are totally underestimated and Davies is one eyed flawed report.

  2. Jeremy Allison
    November 17, 2015

    Thank you John for representing your constituents on this issue, you have the respect and full support of those, who now through no consultation or agreement have factored into this noise and pollution to benefit the few. Long may you continue. The people’s voice must be heard.

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