Noise mitigation for M4 Smart motorway

I submitted requests for better noise mitigation for the M4 when the government consulted on their scheme for a Smart motorway between Junctions 3 and 12 at the end of last year. I wrote to them, attended the local consultation, and talked to Ministers.

The Planning Inspectorate is now consulting on the scheme, and is rightly considering whether more should be done to offer better noise reduction. The scheme now incorporates noise reducing surfaces, and some noise barrier. I wish to see more use of noise barriers, and am sending in further representations to reinforce that request. I will also follow it up with representations to Ministers.

The Planning Inspectorate following representations  are considering additional barriers for Lower Earley, Sindlesham and Winnersh, as the current and planned barriers do not extend as comprehensively as we wish. There are further deadlines for all those wishing to make submission in favour of more noise reduction, or other relevant matters concerning the motorway scheme. Deadline IV is 26 November and Deadline V is January 8. I encourage all those concerned about present and future motorway noise to add to the voices asking for better noise protection. Councillor Norman Jorgensen attended the recent local consultation to represent the Council and local community, to make the same points.

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  1. alan jutson
    November 20, 2015

    Not so sure about smart motorway.

    Not very smart thinking.

    Seems like we need new signs at the recently modified slip roads from the A329M on and off the junction 10.

    Since the A329M has been made a single carriageway at the straight on section at this junction, numerous accidents are being reported as cars attempt to turn back onto the A329M as they find the inside lane leads direct onto the M4.

    Seems rather daft to reduce straight on from previous two lanes, now to one lane, as it means all traffic that wants to simply go straight on now has to be in the fast lane of the A329M as the slow lane automatically takes you onto the M4.

    Last minute lane changes are causing many accidents, perhaps minor type accidents at the moment, but eventually !!!!!!!!!

    Reply I am taking this up again with the authorities

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