Meeting with Ministers over motorway noise

I met the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLouglin, and the Roads Minister, Andrew Jones at Westminster to remind them of the case for better anti noise measures for the M4 as part of the Smart motorway proposals. Past representations that I and others have made have resulted in some noise reducing measures in the proposal, and in further consideration of what additional features we need.
I explained that we needed not just noise reducing materials for the surface of the improved motorway, but also sound reducing barriers wherever there are homes adjacent to the motorway, in many cases on both sides of the road. The Ministers asked for maps to reinforce the point which I will supply.
Wokingham Borough Council has also made similar representations to the Inspector considering the scheme, as I have done in writing. Councillor Norman Jorgensen attended on behalf of the local community to put the case in person.

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  1. Sam
    December 3, 2015

    Excellent. Thank you for trying to help.

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