Meeting with Alzheimer’s lobby

Last week at the request of constituents I met representatives of the Alzheimer’s society who have been monitoring standards of care in NHS hospitals. They have found the care to be very variable, and are rightly pressing the NHS to raise standards in all hospitals and care homes seeking to look after sufferers.

I agreed to assist and will raise these issues in my next meeting with the Secretary of State.In particular they want to see proper annual reporting on standards of Alzheimer’s care, with Monitor and the Care Wuality Commisssion properly engaged in Supervision.

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  1. Antisthenes
    February 14, 2016

    When a public sector body is not performing well which appears to be most of the time the clamour is to give it more money and/or increase the amount of red tape. That does little to improve front line services it just means more administrators and swells the income of the employees. It cannot do otherwise because of the very bureaucratic nature of public sector bodies all it does is make it more bureaucratic.

    “A bureaucratic organization is an organization that cannot correct its behaviour by learning from its errors” a quote from more knowledgeable person than me. A quote that we observe to be true so very often. So if money and red tape does not have the desired effect and as a public sector body is inherently unable to correct itself because it is a monopoly then the answer must be to put that body into the private sector.

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