Wokingham Northern Relief Road

Yesterday evening as Parliament is in recess I was able to go to the public meeting at Emmbrook School to discuss the Wokingham Northern Relief Road. The Chairman of the meeting was keen I should attend and listen, so I did.

The meeting was well attended. We heard a presentation from a Borough officer on the public response to the original consultation, which favoured Route B by a large margin, and on the subsequent changes the Borough has made to the route. Most of the questions and points made by audience members were critical of the changes to the preferred route, or were concerns about the route chosen for construction traffic.

The Leader of the Council, the Councillor responsible for the scheme, and local ward Councillors from Emmbrook were all present, so they all heard the range of points and criticisms made. The issues that came up all related to the planning powers and highways choices of the Borough, so it is good Councillors were there to hear objections or wishes for improvements. They can take this into account as they develop the scheme further and move towards seeking planning permission.

As MP I am ready to help the Council with applications for government funding once there is an agreed scheme with planning permission, where government money or assistance is needed.

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  1. alan jutson
    February 19, 2016

    Such a shame that Councillors did not have the foresight to seek a link onto the A329M in the Warren Bridge location before they gave planning permission for the thousands of houses which now would seem to cover the whole area.

    Any northern relief road route is now second best as it simply takes traffic on a single lane road through housing estates, before it goes back onto the A329, which is already overloaded.

    Pleased you will seek help with any funding that is required.

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