Letter from Highways England on A329(M)/M4 junction

26 February 2016


Dear Mr Redwood

Thank you for your further letter of 18 January about the new road layout on the A329(M)/M4 Junction 10.

I note your observations about future capacity requirements on the A329(M) in light of the new housing developments.

The improvements to this junction were carried out under the government’s Pinch Point Programme to facilitate planned economic growth to improve traffic flow on the M4 by relieving congestion on the slip roads at Junction 10. We worked closely with WBC to develop and understand the impact of the growth proposals through the Local Plan process.

The improvements have successfully reduced observed queues on the M4 and associated safety risks. To address concerns relating to the junction improvements and the safe operation of the A329(M) we held a meeting with Wokingham Borough Council on 19 January. At the meeting an agreement was reached to install cameras to observe driver behaviour and undertake traffic counts. The results of this investigation will inform discussions with WBC to identify the feasibility and programme of any further improvements on the A329(M). The video survey and traffic counts are programmed to complete by spring 2016.

Our project sponsor, Ed French, will contact you once we have the monitoring results and have discussed proposals with WBC.

Yours sincerely

David Brewer

Executive Director


  1. MikeP
    March 3, 2016

    It’s the first I’ve heard of a “pinchpoint programme” but, now I have, it explains why so many good lanes on dual carriageways and motorways have been hatched off reducing the lane mileage on roads we try to use. It’s the Nanny State again, enforcing control over our driving skills and choice and what a wasteful and extravagant way of running a road network, building two and three-lane carriageways then a few years later closing one off with inevitable knock-on queues and driver frustration.

    1. Chris
      March 3, 2016

      Agree, Mike P.

      What a nonsense this all is, along with renaming motorways “smart” with all the connotations. We really need to get back to basics and ditch the jargon and smart initiatives, including the EU influence.

      1. alan jutson
        March 3, 2016


        They call it a traffic management system, drivers call it a traffic obstruction system.

        So we are to have camera’s for a couple of months when the weather is improving and daylight is longer.

        Did they not do a traffic count before they did the redesign and spent £ millions.

        I suppose we can only hope they get there in the end.

        Thanks for your efforts John.

  2. Mike
    March 7, 2016

    “The improvements have successfully reduced queues on the M4 and associated safety risks”. Instead we now have queues on the A329M, cars undertaking to avoid slow drivers , cars cutting across at the last minute…with associated safety risks. Congratulations on a design well thought out.

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