Sunday trading

Some constituents wrote to me arguing against giving the power to local Councils to allow longer trading hours for bigger shops on Sundays.
By the time we got to a vote the government itself decided it would not press ahead with this proposal given the opposition to it. Instead it asked us to approve up to 12 pilots in volunteer areas where the impact on staff and shoppers could be appraised. This seemed a mild proposal, but it was still voted down.

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  1. Antisthenes
    March 12, 2016

    The very nature of their job makes politicians unprincipled hypocrites they have to be if they have any chance to win a vote to make them a MP. They have to shift their views in accordance with the prevailing public opinion so principled they are not. They insist their constituents perform to standards that they do not so are hypocrites. They are also ruthless operators as they will use any means that they can get away with to discredit their opponents and to gain political advantage.

    Usually they do not advertise those facts to keep the public blind to them but of late it appears that many politicians do not care if we see them for what they are. Our moral compasses must have sunk so low that they can now do that. I give you David Cameron, the other stayers and SNP as living proof of what I say is true. The stayers are employing all and any despicable means to win and many in their camp are closet leavers who are only there to further their own ambitions. The SNP vote against Sunday opening yet in Scotland it is already allowed to gain a political advantage and to make the point that if the UK government does not do what they want they will cause problems for them.

    Politics is a dirty business those who enter that profession to do good for others in the end only do good for themselves. Of course there a few exceptions and I am sure that JR is one of them. Although I have the feeling that on occasions he does things that he would rather not.

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