Views from the doorsteps

Today I spent the morning on the doorsteps hearing people’s views. I also spent time today in the Market Place in Wokingham on the Vote Leave stall, and launched the Vote Leave campaign in the west of Wokingham Borough at Three Mile Cross.

There was considerable interest in the referendum, with many people telling me they had made up their minds and were keen for us to leave. I met just one enthusiast to remain who wished to argue the case. There were also many undecided. Often they were sympathetic to the idea that the UK should have more control over its own taxes, spending, borders and laws but wished to be reassured about what life will be like outside the EU.

I explained I do not think our jobs are at risk. The rest of the EU has every need to carry on trading with us, just as we wish to do with them. I was also able to remind them that the UK will be a full member of the World Trade Organisation as is the EU, so both sides will be prevented by that from inflicting trade damage on each other. Most countries trade with most under countries under WTO rules quite happily. The UK will do better than that as the rest of the EU will not wish to worsen their access to our markets.


  1. Tony Houghton
    April 3, 2016


    Is Voting to Leave gong to lead to the break up of the UK with Scotland voting to stay in the the EU?


    Reply No. Scotland decided to stay in the UK and has seen now the collapse of the oil revenues on which the Out case was built.Many Scots agree with the need to banish public sector austerity which we can do if we get our money back from the RU to spend here at home.

  2. Cliff. Wokingham.
    April 7, 2016

    Dear John,

    Here is the view from my doorstep……..I am extremely angry that the government are spending almost £10m on a propaganda leaflet about staying in the EU.

    The government has said that it is to address the “lack of facts” that so many of the public have said stops them from making an informed choice. I would suggest that, what the government are calling facts, are actually opinions and there is a great difference between facts and opinion.

    Will the Commons push the executive to either stop the leaflet going out to every home in the UK or to provide state funding to allow a similar leaflet, putting the Brexit case, to go to every household within the UK……or perhaps a truly factual leaflet could be sent out.

    1. alan jutson
      April 8, 2016



      I will not open it, but simply redirect mine to 10 Downing St.

      This leaflet is so inaccurate and short on proper facts, that it should be an embarrassment to the originator.
      Thus it needs to be treated with the contempt that it deserves.

      A complete waste of £10,000,000 which could have been spent much better elsewhere.

      Simply Shameful.

      In a Democracy Politicians should be the Servants of the people, not their Masters.

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