Meeting with the Environment Agency

I recently met with Julia Simpson, the Area Manager for West Thames at the Environment Agency to discuss flooding issues within the Wokingham constituency.

I received the enclosed briefing which sets out what the Environment Agency is doing to manage flood risks within our local area.

Wokingham Constituency Environment Agency Update April 2016

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  1. alan jutson
    April 18, 2016

    Thank you for trying, but afraid that whilst our Local Authority still pass plans for housing on Flood plain land, then the risk will always be present.

    Perhaps the Council have not yet realised that water finds its own level, and that unless you build massive storage areas elsewhere, or increase the capacity for water to flow away from those sites quickly, they will always flood.

    Clearing ditches and drainage canals certainly will help, so at least good to see there is a programme for this sort of work, which used to be decades ago, completed on an annual, bi annual basis.

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