Emmbrook matters

I have been out and about in Emmbrook prior to the local elections. I am well aware of the unease about construction traffic, the route of the new road and the issue of drainage and flood control. Yesterday I was in the Toutley Road area with a Councillor , to talk to him and residents about these issues and what the Council can do to ensure developers and contractors are sensitive to residents concerns. I was told that the Council is seeking to direct lorries to minimise impact on the local road system and neighbouring homes, and that the current drainage works are designed to ensure the new build does not make the flooding risk worse.


  1. Ian W
    April 24, 2016

    One thing the conservatives have proven is that you don’t listen. If you did you’d have fixed the drainage and flooding years ago, you’d have built the distributer roads first, you’d respect the residents comments, you’d ensure developers didn’t exceed their remit. Not sure you’ve done any of those. Include the millions wasted on numerous projects in town that haven’t ever started or residents don’t want like Elms field it’s no surprise you’re loosing voters. I vote ever year and you’ll never get mine again despite a long run. Also take a look at Toutley Rd where they’ve clearly destroyed green space they don’t have planned rights to touch. I’m sure you’ll have seen that on your walkaboutand hopefully taken action already.

    Reply All these matters are under the control of the Council. I did lobby against building on green space at Elms Field and the council withdrew their original proposal.

    1. alan jutson
      April 25, 2016

      Ian W

      Absolutely agree, both the Northern and Southern planned relief roads are an absolute sick joke, and will do nothing to help the movement of traffic around the town.

      Now we have so many new houses already built and under construction, the possibility of a sensible traffic scheme that would have worked, has vanished.

      Aware that you are not responsible for these decisions John, but your Party Councillors are.

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