Winnersh worries

I have been out and about in Winnersh in the run up to the local elections. There is an understandable impatience to see the end of the roadworks for the new link to the Loddon roundabout to take pressure off the current main Reading to Wokingham road. There were also some concerns about the new cycle way with possible conflict between bikes and pedestrians at narrow points on the route which I will take up with the Council.

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  1. alan jutson
    April 26, 2016

    The Winnersh crossroads traffic lights are the biggest problem in that area, queues run back half a mile at least on the A329 at busy times, situation not going to be helped when the “so called northern relief road” joins it with ever more traffic lights at the present M4 overpass.

    The fact is John we have too much traffic trying to use the existing facilities as they operate at present, and with more and more traffic being produced by the thousands of new homes under construction it WILL GET WORSE.

    Wokingham Councillors have let the area down.
    Fully aware new build was forced upon them by John Prescott, but they should have pushed for a wider, better and a more comprehensive modified road infrastructure plan to cope with what was already a failing system due to overcapacity for years.

    Complete lack of vision, and closed ears by Councillors to many suggestions.

    We often heard the cry of lack of money, but they seem to have no trouble finding £100 million for Town Centre modification that few locals want to build on the one green open space that is left, and has been left to fester and degrade because it has not been given investment or maintenance over the years.

    Given nowadays developers pay huge sums for additional so called planning gain, surely this traffic nightmare should have been resolved by now.

    A possible link/small interchange to the A329M to the North has now been lost due to new build taking up that area of land.

    Simply an opportunity lost.

    Many local people now try to avoid going into Wokingham if possible, which is a shame for local businesses.

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