Aircraft noise

I have many complaints again this week-end about the high levels of aircraft noise starting at 5 am. I have made two further complaints myself on behalf of constituents this week-end, and am pressing for another round of meetings with NATs and Heathrow. I am in regular contact with them and the Minister, stressing the need to reverse changes they have made since 2014.


  1. BOF
    May 8, 2016

    I think that this emphasises the very urgent need for more runway capacity at Heathrow, so that more flights can be accommodated during the day and moved from the anti-social early mornings.
    Logistically, Heathrow is very well sited and cannot easily be replaced, except at huge expense. Boris Island was always a non starter due to the impossibility of moving all the traffic and people back and forth across London, plus the additional time taken in doing so for all passengers, never mind working out what they are to do with their cars.
    Gatwick too, is not nearly as accessible as Heathrow.

    1. Pendragon
      May 8, 2016

      BOF, your comments are utter bunkum, Heathrow WAS in the right place many years ago, but time has moved on, so has residential development, your comments assume that everybody flying from Heathrow lives to the west of Heathrow, so as not to navigate London….well, ive got news for you, just as many people fly from Heathrow who live in the east of London as well, flying from Gatwick is never a problem…you don’t have to go to London…or anywhere near it… and as for more flights during the day….all flights that make the noise we in Berkshire are experience are anti-social, one now and then as it was prior to 2010 wasn’t a problem, but now, we have to contend with round the clock noise, we cant even enjoy our gardens anymore…we are prisoners in our own homes, the air quality is suffering as a result of concentrated flights over our homes…our eyes sting with the burnt kerosene from Aircraft. so a third runway NEVER !.

  2. Tired of the noise
    May 8, 2016

    We need NATS/Heathrow to take action and changes to be made now now. Talking takes time and often ends up going round in circles, whilst in the meantime, residents are expected to continue putting up with the constant misery of air traffic noise. Firm timescales and dates should be put in place for improvements to be made with penalties payable by NATS/Heathrow if not adhered to. The Cranford agreement appears to be one reason put forward by the authorities as to why aircraft cannot be dispersed. This was put in place in the 1950’s, if this is a genuine stumbling block, then time it was either modernised or scrapped. NATS/Heathrow need to be made accountable. Their arrogance is beyond belief and something needs to be done now.

  3. Adrian Washbourne
    May 8, 2016

    Concentrated flight paths exceed the human tolerance for noise. The argument by those implementing it is always made for fuel and environmental efficiency but takes no account of the impact of people on the ground. Please argue for a return to dispersed flight paths. It’s also increasing the impact if noise on communities many miles further out of the traditionally labelled “locals” area. The new PBN technology is perfectly capable of achieving dispersal. But the airports NATS and the CAA are ignoring the devastating cruel and frankly unfair impact that this new pattern of flying is having on humans in the vicinity and directly under these redesigned paths.

  4. Simon
    May 8, 2016

    I moved here knowing Heathrow was a short distance away. I think most people did. Every plane that flies over is more potential economic opportunity for the everyone. It’s hardly like they are very low over wokingham. I’d rather you focus your time on quicker trains to London and the development of the centre. The number of new homes need facilities to match.

    1. Mark
      May 9, 2016

      Are you under a concentrated flight path Simon? Judging by your comments, probably not. You only need to be a short distance either side and you’re affected a lot less. That is the principle behind doing it. You probably have ambient noise also, learning the effect.

      Come down Park Lane, the Reading road end, and see if you feel the same. Or on the Ridges even. I think you might be surprised, not in a good way, and glad you don’t live there.

      As for the economic opportunities from each plane flying over, what are these? How do we benefit? Please explain. You’ve bought in to the hype, please try the reality.

      1. Simon
        May 9, 2016

        I’m sorry you don’t like the noise. I do think that most people moved here after the airport was built. I have an expectation that living so close to a busy airport I will be subject to aircraft noise. I’m not sure I live directly underneath, but I have planes fly directly overhead very often. I understood this when I bought the house and expect it may get worse. I’m sure you do have a worse noise experience than I do, but you made the same balance in your calculation to move as I did.
        As for the opportunity. People in the planes are contributing to uk coffers. Either though APD, the money they spend at the airport, or that the volume of them means we have more direct connections to more destinations.

  5. Mark
    May 9, 2016

    I meant lessening the effect…

  6. Tim Reid
    May 10, 2016

    20 years of living in North Ascot and peace quiet then
    Overnight a Company can change flight paths without any democratic process!
    Creating a huge environmental impact!
    Remember what laws and restrictions we have to abide to as householders!
    Something has gone wrong!

    1. Tired of the noise
      May 12, 2016

      Agreed. It is the sudden change in 2015 that has caused the impact. We were not consulted or warned, it just happened! If a motorway were to be built at the end of our gardens, I would expect to be consulted about it, but a motorway in the sky, nothing! Concentration and frequency has increased hugely, and because there is no alternation on easterly ops, we are subjected to aircraft noise continually for over 17 hours a day with no peace for more than just a couple of minutes at a time. Indeed, something has definitely gone wrong.

  7. John W
    May 11, 2016

    John are you for or against the third runway at Heathrow?

    If you are for third runway guaranteed more aircraft and noise.

    If you are against how are you going to limit capacity? Where are your constituents going to fly from Stansted, Gatwick, Boris Island or Charles de Gaulle via St Pancras?

    I was brought up and regularly visit Heston 3 miles from the North runway. Now that is noise! Compared with motorway M4&A329M noise and speeding constituents rattling the foundations, the aircraft noise is nothing.

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