Aircraft noise

I have received more noise complaints following some bad experiences for many constituents during the period of easterly operations recently. I am now organising a further meeting with NATs and Heathrow to urge them to do more to ensure flights are higher and less noisy, and more flights go direct into and out of the airport instead of stacking over the constituency.


  1. MikeP
    May 21, 2016

    John it is highly unlikely that aircraft were “stacking over the constituency” since the main holding points for arrivals over Wokingham are at Ockham (nr Leatherhead) and Biggin Hill in Kent. The minimum stacking altitude is also 8000ft so wouldn’t be unacceptably noisy. The issue I think is that from these points aircraft are vectored by ATC towards Wokingham and Woodley where they turn for their final approach. Having followed these easterly operation days on radar applications they fly over our constituency at about 5000-6000ft, still acceptably high, but from 6am (and even a handful of earlier arrivals) there is a constant stream of large heavy aircraft arriving from long haul routes. Given the quietness of the hour, the aircraft size and weight (and many being 4-engined 747s, A340s or A380s) they are going to be noisier than the smaller short haul aircraft approaching typically later in the day.

    1. K
      May 22, 2016

      Some of the aircrafts fly exactly over our house. Very scary to watch and really noisey. My 2 year old daughter was so distressed one early morning from the noise yhat she cried for quite a long time. I have made several complaints to Heathrow whenever we got disturbed by noise from aircrafts. For my first complaint I got a general response back about the flight arrivals to Heathrow, and a map of arrivals on a typical easterly operations day. For my later complaints I didn’t even get an apology. If we had a regular noisey neighbour, I would get an ASBO in place for them or even a court order, but since heathrow is big business I am really hopless to be able to change the situation.

      Hopefully as I get older and lose my hearing the noise will not bother me any more.
      Even as I’m writing this I can hear loud noise.

  2. Tim
    May 23, 2016

    This is just not a Wokingham issue
    Ascot North Ascot Bracknell Sunningdale Sunninghill Virginia Water Windlesham
    And many more communities.
    There has been a massive change in aircraft movements which has been undemocratically
    changed.This is a bigger issue than just One MP and will only get worse!
    Never been anti Heathrow or anti business but if you are A Big enough company you
    Can do anything?
    Just remember home owners with have lots of restrictions put on us!

  3. Bob
    May 24, 2016

    Roll on Boris Airport.

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