Grass cutting by Wokingham Borough Council

Some have complained to me that grass cutting has been changed in ways they do not like. The Council tell me they have let a new contract and some areas have been left to grow longer than before. Councillors are aware of the concerns in some places about the new specifications and gaps between cutting and are currently reviewing it. Anyone who wishes to see local changes should contact their local Councillor now to be part of this revision process. The Council website will help you identify your local Councillors.


  1. Geoff Stanfield
    June 13, 2016

    I doubt it is popular with hayfever suffers and the overstretched doctors who treat us. Good for sales of hayfever remedies.

  2. Cliff. Wokingham.
    June 17, 2016

    I took the 151A bus from Bracknell to Wokingham which goes through Bean Oak and the Norreys Estates, and was rather shocked by what I saw.
    Ashridge Road has large grass areas within which, you could film Out Of Africa! Who knows how much dog’s mess lurks in the long grass.

    The problem is that, when an area looks unmaintained and run down, so people don’t care about that area. It seems that a combination of the un cut grass, the rubbish left strewn around the street because no one has cleared it up….There was a time when bin men cleared up the rubbish which came out of the bags due to foxes opening them to get at food scraps, but sadly, not now. Many of the houses look tired with flaky paint and odd roof tiles….This does nothing for the community spirit and local pride in my opinion.

    I hear that the grass is left to grow long as part of the green religion namely, to increase bio diversity by increasing the number of wild flowers and insects…..My cynical brain thinks it is yet another wizard wheeze, thought up by those that like to be called “officers” in the council offices, in order to save a few pennies however, the grass cutting service is funded by the local council tax and I am sure that despite the savings, our bills will not be reduced.

    Here’s a suggestion for our respected councillors…..The best way to ensure bio diversity and a good environment in Wokingham, is to stop building on every square inch of it!

    Reply Let us hope our Councillors do now respond to the opportunity to make good decisions about mowing heights and frequency. Please lobby your own Councillor about your local area.

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