Wokingham Theatre

I was visited by a Committee member from Wokingham Theatre at my surgery today to ask about the expansion of the Theatre and how more local people could get involved.

I suggested the Theatre get in touch with the Planning Officers of Wokingham Borough about any planning application they might like to make.

I gave a number of ideas of how they might like to promote the theatre more. In the age of social media and internet campaigns it is possible to widen the audience for a local facility at modest cost.

It is a good facility for our Borough. I look forward to their ideas for its development. I have suggested some ways in which I might be able to help.

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  1. Louise Brown
    July 15, 2016

    I live walking distance from the theatre and only once since I have lived in Wokingham have I seen any event advertised. That event was the Christmas advent event (which was amazing). I would love to see this venue utilised more. There are a high number of children who reside in the borough who would love to go age appropriate theatre. I look forward to seeing them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media soon!

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