National Citizens Service

Zoe Clark, the local organiser of the National Citizen Service for 16-17 year olds came to see me to tell me how well it is doing. Apparently 220 young people have enrolled for this summer to gain experience of independent living, networking and presenting. The aim is to do enjoyable things and to gain new skills and self confidence.

I wish them all well, and will provide an update on their progress if I am sent reports.


  1. Cliff. Wokingham.
    July 18, 2016


    The figures, on the face of it, look pretty impressive.

    I don’t suppose Zoe Clark gave you a breakdown of the socio-economic mix of those taking part?
    It always worries me that, those people who are most likely to gain the most from such schemes; (namely those from poorer and more deprived backgrounds) are the one group whom are the least likely to take part.
    Any thoughts?

  2. alan jutson
    July 19, 2016

    Not aware as to how this is being promoted within the borough, but certainly teachers should be involved in its promotion if they are not already.

    Likewise voluntary (true voluntary) work should also be encouraged, as it helps broaden the mind as well as helping others within the community who may be in need.

    Either of the above or something similar also helps with job or university applications, as it shows initiative and drive.

    My good wishes to Zoe Clark on this project.

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