Visit to local Judo club

On Thursday afternoon I visited Pinewood Judo Club, at the invitation of Wokingham constituents who go there. We were primarily there to celebrate the success of the UK Judo team, which includes local  Ben Fletcher, who started at the Pinewood Club.

I was given some insight into how top Judo fighters go about their task, and learned more of the background to the British team. I wish all our representatives well in Rio.

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  1. DaveM
    August 15, 2016

    On the subject of sport, it’s worth pointing out to those scared little remainers that GB is above China in the Olympic medal table. That’s a fairly sound indication that the people of the UK still have the ability and ambition to punch massively above the weight suggested by the population size (and that’s in every sphere, not just sport).

    And yes, I know the rowing coach is German!

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