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Every Saturday a Conservative team goes door to door asking voters for their thoughts on local and national matters. In recent weeks the emphasis has shifted back from the referendum and the EU issue, to being predominantly local matters. Last Saturday when I joined local Councillors in Earley who are most assiduous in keeping in touch with their supporters, the main issues that came up were traffic and grass cutting.

Councillors assured me and voters that the new grass cutting contract is a good one with five different levels of service, depending on whether regular short cuts are needed or not. Where grass is still not getting the attention residents think it needs, please get in touch with your local Councillor as they are still tweaking the appropriate service level for each verge and green space.

Some raised the matter of Europe with me. Four expressed happiness with the result and wanted a faster timetable for exit. One said they were pleasantly surprised that the economy had held up in the weeks after June 23rd, despite the worrying forecasts. One raised concerns about relatives living abroad in another European country and wanted reassurance that the plan it to agree that no-one has to leave against their will when the UK leaves the EU.

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  1. Antisthenes
    August 22, 2016

    Common sense dictates so obviously that the ambition will be that those from the EU who already reside in the UK and visa versa that should continue and new rules will apply only to new applications for residency. Obvious for the UK at least as for Brussels well common sense is not their strong point so it is understandable that some people will have reservations. Because of which the UK has to use it as a bargaining chip. It was unfortunate in the way that concept was announced.

    It appears though on the whole the people have now put the referendum behind them unlike some of the more demented remainers as unlike them they know that nothing has changed and will not for a couple of years or so so get on with their lives as normal Those others would do better to follow suit and put their energies in aiding Brexit not opposing it as that is the desired will of the people. Constructive criticism yes will help to forge the best deal revenge criticism does no one any favours least all them.

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