Advice from the Environment Agency on flooding

The EA say:

“I am writing to update you on the current rainfall that we have experienced overnight (Thursday 15 September) and that will continue into Friday.

The flooding so far has been from surface water run-off. The local authorities are leading on the response and we are offering support to our local partners and our pumps have been taken to Didcot railway station to help remove the surface water.

We have issued flood alerts across the area but are not expected to issue any flood warnings for river flooding. Our operations teams are ensuring that rivers remain clear and we continue to monitor and provide advice to our partners.

We are expecting this band of rain to pass by Friday evening and for drier weather over the weekend.

If your constituents enquire, you may wish to advise that they can sign up to free flood warnings (which are sent automatically via text, phone or email) via or by calling Flood Line on 0845 988 1188. People can also sign up to flood alerts via the FloodAlerts Facebook App: ”


  1. Bryan Harris
    September 16, 2016

    Talking about floods – I trust that the government will in future make plans to dredge all rivers, currently barred by the EU from doing so, so that our towns, cities and countryside are not impacted by heavy rain.

    1. BobE
      September 16, 2016

      I agree. Sell all those 4x4s and rebuy some river dredgers.

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