Fairer funding for Wokingham schools

The Conservative Manifesto promised fairer funding for places like Wokingham where our schools are at the bottom end of the range when it comes to per pupil sums of money to support them . I was one of the MPs who pressed this issue in the Coalition years and was pleased the party adopted it as policy.

This week I attended a meeting with the Education Secretary with some other colleagues. We pressed her to speed up consideration and implementation of a fairer funding formula. As it now looks as if it will not be available before 2018-19, we also pressed her to produce some transitional arrangements to relieve the worst pressures on poorly financed schools. She said she would look into it, and agreed there was an issue to be resolved.


  1. Terry Wade
    October 12, 2016

    Hey, if you were part of the EU you could get grants and funding for education, plus there is the EU Social Fund… oh wait you won’t be interested in any of that because you don’t believe the EU contributes anything worthwhile.

    1. alan jutson
      October 12, 2016


      Perhaps it has escaped your attention that it would be our own money back, as we are one of the few net contributors to the EU Finances.

      How about this for a novel idea.

      Rather than simply pass money to the EU for them to pass it back to us (and then label it EU money) perhaps we should just give it to the Schools direct.

      Schools should of course be properly funded, and it should be fair in its distribution.

      Shame on past Governments for using education as a political football.

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