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I am extremely busy with Parliament back in full swing. Some are sending in too many very long posts, or posts with references to other sites and non official sources which need checking. In order to catch up with the backlog I will have to delete some very long pieces or pieces with unknown references, as I want to get rid of the backlog.


  1. Cheshire Girl
    October 19, 2016

    I keep my posts as short as I can because I know you are very busy. Also, I try not to post more than once or twice in the same thread. I hope this helps. I enjoy contributing to your blog, but I know your time is limited.

  2. ian
    October 20, 2016

    So your time is being consumed by infighting in your party between different clique to how the country should be run, now mrs may clique has taken over and it all change again, one may be forgiven for thinking that new party had taken over, still this is what you get with party politic, nothing but infighting while the country goes to the dogs, that why i would never vote for a party and would only think of voting for a independent because of all the above, policies water down other policies left out because infighting in the parties, how they represent different ideologies and people which is main cause of why the people never get what they want but the people seem to like party politic which is the biggest down fall of this country run by the media.
    Vote independent and get what you want past in the house, you have the power of the vote, do not keep wasting it on parties.

  3. Newmania
    October 20, 2016

    I take the same view as Joyce did of Finnegans Wake , I spend a life time writing it , you shall spend a lifetime reading it  ….

    1. Anonymous
      October 20, 2016

      In your case it feels like a lifetime reading it, Newmania.

  4. acorn
    October 20, 2016

    There are automatic UGC (user generated content) moderators available. They have multiple filter options. Short comments are usually oft repeated rants that do not advance or inform the discussion.

    1. StevenL
      October 20, 2016

      Back in the archives you’ll find JR ranting about returning a Jaguar XF because he couldn’t get his head around the ZF automatic gearbox.

      I fear ‘automatic moderators’ would be a few steps too far!

      1. acorn
        October 22, 2016

        I seem to remember suggesting he put it in “auto” and leave it there. 😉

  5. Excalibur
    October 20, 2016

    Thank you for providing this forum of democratic expression JR.

    1. Richard Hobbs
      October 20, 2016

      Although I rarely contribute (unless it is about frozen pensions!) I do read your blog each and every day. So, like Excalibur, I want you to know how much I appreciate your time and effort in providing this site. I tend to agree with the thrust of most you have to say.
      Whilst I have mentioned pensions, you might like to know that my wife and I (who live in Canada) have suffered something like a 17% pay cut with the drop in the value of the £. Nevertheless, I am prepared to suffer this if it means we finally get out of the EU.


    2. Simon Platt
      October 20, 2016

      Hear, hear.

  6. Jerry
    October 20, 2016

    John perhaps you should start deleting comments that have little or no reference or relevance to the subject of your dairy entry, far to many direct replies to your own words (thus not ‘thread drift’) are simply the posters own personal diary entry that should perhaps belong on their own blog rather than yours…

    1. Patrick Geddes
      October 20, 2016

      Careful Jerry
      Hardly any of your posts would appear.

  7. David Lister
    October 20, 2016

    Hi John,

    Maybe some guidance for posters would be good:

    1) Keep responses short – no more than 50 lines ?

    2) Could you define what an official reference is, and whether URLs would be allowed. A suggestion for official references could be:

    .a) UK HoP, and HoL, documents, transcripts and Legal Instruments
    .b) EU, Parliament, Council, EC sourced legal documents and guidance
    .c) WTO sourced legal documents and guidance

    3) Challenge should be encouraged based on facts and evidence, not on personal judgements of people.

    4) Define what is classed as unofficial and unacceptable: maybe articles, pictures, and stories that emanate from popular press?

    I think your voice, and this blog, could be very helpful and informed if it is fact based and would help set it apart from other forum.

    [22 lines]

    Reply Yes, official sources as described or well known reputable authors whose work is libel cleared

  8. Supporter
    October 20, 2016

    Blog every other day. Reserve your strength.

  9. alan jutson
    October 20, 2016

    Perfectly understandable, than you for keeping us informed with your thoughts and factual information

  10. agricola
    October 20, 2016

    Understood, will keep it short and single.

  11. Bert Young
    October 20, 2016

    Well said . There are too many O/T responses and too many from one source .

  12. graham1946
    October 20, 2016

    No views Lifelogic? Surely you can do half a dozen and then answer your own posts?

    1. Anonymous
      October 20, 2016

      And repeat the same unreconstructed and banal thoughts ad nauseum, no matter how much and how often they are discredited by fellow readers.

  13. supporter
    October 20, 2016

    Had a thought . Blog ONCE a week and twitter daily.
    Dont know how you set twitter up etc as I dont do it.
    If you’re not signed up to twitter you CAN read someones twitter ( but not comment Incisive daily oneliners .
    The other advantage is that it can be spread everywhere like an eu rash. I imagine some foreign propaganda body invented it.

    1. Simon Platt
      October 20, 2016

      I demur. The blog is very useful; twitter is not (in my view), except in alerting those who use it to longer, more informed pieces, here or elsewhere.

      I agree that it is useful not to be on twitter – it removes the temptation to make inane comments. At least, it removes one such temptation. (I speak only for myself, of course.)

      If it helps, my reason for coming here is predominately to read above the line, on issues of national and wider importance (not being from anywhere near Wokingham). Sorry to add to the backlog.

  14. James Matthews
    October 20, 2016

    It would be helpful to know what constitutes a “long” post. One of mine (340 words, no external references) seems to have been spiked. Obviously not a model of brevity, but not, so far as I can see, unusually long. perhaps it was rejected for other reasons.

  15. Margaret
    October 20, 2016

    I feel like a mother telling her son not to be so soft. Don’t publish then. Do what time allows. You have a life too.

  16. Margaret
    October 20, 2016

    You say Parliament is in full swing. I watched a debate yesterday . It was like watching paint dry. The presentation skills of some of the MP’s is deplorable. Waffle and digress .How can someone spend all those minutes talking about nothing.

  17. Ariadaeus
    October 21, 2016

    Dear Mr Redwood, I read your comments and am astonished at the number of respondents that post; rants, polemical garbage, lectures.
    Many are made by the same individuals posting repeatedly.
    Tell them that if they cannot make their points in six lines or less you will delete them.
    If I cannot read a post in 20 secs I ignore it.

    1. Bulldozer
      October 22, 2016

      We do not all have your education and intelligence. Anyway, it can be pleasurable going round all the streets and houses if you like architecture and building as you go.Personally I attempt constructing a Calais Jungle as I write. It catches the eye and the French hate it.

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