Flood prevention

I held a review meeting with the Environment Agency today at Westminster. I urged they bring forward schemes with the Council for flood alleviation on the Emm, Loddon and Kennet. There is a backlog to fix from past development and action to be taken to handle faster run off of water from new development. The government has hinted that following the Autumn Statement more money is likely to be available for smaller capital schemes that assist development and improve people’s lives.

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  1. Mr James NT Willis
    November 2, 2016

    The River Loddon at the showcase cinema in Earley has a restricted flow of 1/3 of the width
    of its natural flow in 2 places under both rail and road bridges EA were going to fix it but now say they have no money this is possibly why the park and ride flooded and the garden
    centre I fear the whole of Lower Earley will be under water very soon
    The Floodline map as amended is starting to accept this

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