More train capacity on the Reading to Waterloo line

I am told good progress is being made with the lengthening of platforms at Wokingham. Work should be completed early in 2017. These changes are part of an upgrade investment to increase seat capacity on the Reading to Waterloo line. The aim is to run longer trains in peaks from the summer of next year, offering 30% more travel capacity on the route. Ten stations will have the extended platforms allowing drop off and pick up from all carriages.

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  1. lojolondon
    November 3, 2016

    To be honest, John, they could run longer trains starting today – the (longer) train driver just has to stop 50 yards past the platform on every second stop….. Or passengers only to use the back few carriages if they are getting on and off on a longer platform – people are smart, they will know after one day. Because the situation IS desperate.
    Are you having any luck with stopping the £70 Billion HS2 waste-of-money-on-a-line-that-is-running-below-capacity??

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