Flooding under Emmbrook Railway Bridge

I have received this memo from Cllr Angus Ross about measures that are being taken to help prevent flooding:

Officers have reviewed the procedures and possible future action to minimise the chances of further road closures because of flooding.

I have been assured that the contractor OCS has manually swept the recessed gully.  Also that the recess will be swept as part of the 4 weekly schedule and it will have a couple of extra sweeps as part of the leaf fall programme. The contractor manager will drive by on a regular basis to keep a check on it.

If there is a threat of heavy rain and time allowing, Wokingham Borough Council will try and sweep beforehand, similarly local councillors or any residents can also report any issues if they can see the detritis is starting to build up.    The gullies will be them cleared again within the next few days.

We have also asked our grass cutting contractor to be aware of trying to avert cuttings being able to wash down to the gully.