Christmas begins

Christmas begins for me with the Wokingham Borough Schools’ Carol Concert. From the moment I stepped into the Loddon Leisure Centre last night and saw the orchestra and the decorations I felt the pulse of Christmas. James Baker led the choir and the orchestra with his customary enthusiasm and understanding. The Berkshire Maestros lived up to their billing and their predecessors, with spirited and lively festive playing.

The massed choirs from our local primary schools were in great voice. They loved the beat of the Calypso carol, the Swinging Shepherd Blues and Santa Claus is coming to town, and gave them full voice. We all enjoyed Leroy’s magic sleigh ride, as we heard the thump of the hooves and the crack of the whip from a stylish percussion section. The audience kept in time with the Quodlibet, a posh word for singing different parts in split choirs, and all came together for the final Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

Congratulations to all! I enjoyed the evening and thank the organisers and the participants for achieving a high standard.