Wokingham social care

I was pleased to hear in the budget that my representations along with other MPs for more money for social care had been accepted. I had made it one of the principal features of my pre budget oral and written submissions to the Chancellor

I was less happy when I heard of Wokingham’s small share of the total. I am now taking this up with Ministers to see why Wokingham has not got more of the increase.

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  1. alan jutson
    March 17, 2017

    Seem’s like Wokingham always seems to lose out on all of these Government Grants John.

    Lowest funding for Schools, Lowest Funding for Health, Lowest funding for Social care, Lowest funding for the Council services in general if Council spokesmen are to be believed.

    Given your efforts to get our fair share of funding, is there a common reason given by Government for failure to fund this area, surely we are not the richest Council in the Country are we.

    Just over £100,000 extra for increasing Social care needs just seems like a farce.

    Reply Wokingham is not the lowest in every category, though near the lowest in most. The reason is they use similar formulas to calculate money. You get more money for more deprivation, more children on free school meals etc and less money for high Council Tax income from a good tax base etc. I am trying to get the Schools and social care formulas adjusted to give more for each pupil and each elderly person in need of care etc.

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