My letter to Highways England re the delay to the implementation of works on the A329(M) and their reply


  1. alan jutson
    April 5, 2017

    Yet more delay on roadworks and signage around Wokingham, well what a surprise.

    Seems like they do not want to admit they made a cock up of the re-design of Junction 10 in the first place.

    Surely it does not come as a surprise that to remove one lane from a busy two lane road for part of its length with little warning signage, then causes congestion and accidents does it.

  2. MikeP
    April 5, 2017

    I wouldn’t mind the delays had the design not been ill-considered in the first place and another example of an over-reaction to an apparently busy (they might say risky) junction. Please can these people let us drive and work things out as we do so, rather than be shepherded along ever-narrower lanes, past wasted space hatched off for no good reason, and over-running roadworks. As for the A329(M), I note that for several miles of its length there is at least a lane’s width of grass verge separating eastbound from westbound traffic. Why not make this into another lane or would that be too simple an idea for these clueless designers?

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