Local rail improvements

I am all in favour of providing more seats and more train capacity locally for passengers. I have been pressing for better services.

I have recently been sent the plans for a two platform  station at Green Park, and told of the works to extend the platforms at Wokingham to take longer trains.

The new Green Park stop will be between Reading and Mortimer on the Basingstoke line, near Kirtons Farm Road. The idea is to run a half hourly train service in each direction when it is completed.

If constituents have views on either of these projects please let me know.

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  1. alan jutson
    April 6, 2017

    Used the train to get to Richmond a couple of months ago, must have been the first time in 12 months on a train, impressed by the amount of work being completed to extend a number of station platforms along the route.

    Clearly there is now an effort being made to bring longer trains into service in the not too distant future, which will go some way to improving capacity at last.

    Certainly the new Wokingham station is a vast improvement on the old, but a shame they did not make the shelter larger on the Reading direction platform, shame they now close the toilets quite early in the evening, due to few staff present to monitor/stop misuse.

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