School funding

I am seeking to reinstate the additional meeting with the Secretary of State over money for Wokingham and West Berkshire Schools that was cancelled owing to the terrorist incident recently.

I have also been asked to meet the governors of the Holt school, which I am happy to do.  I do need to fit the meetings in with the Parliamentary timetable, which is why I was keen to meet this week or next when Parliament is not in session. I think now they have found a later date. I also offered dates to visit  Forest School who wanted another meeting, but they did not find any of them suitable.

What I am trying to do in conjunction with some other MPs is to get the government to reconsider its new fairer funding scheme to be a bit more generous to the low funded areas like Wokingham and West Berkshire. The government’s intent is correct, but the first plan does not level things up enough. I encourage all those concerned to write in to the Department for Education who are working on this issue.

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  1. Narrow Shoulders
    April 10, 2017

    Still not enough funding to go round I am afraid. The over funded inner city school can not lose too much of their cash in one swoop as they are used to spending it. Therefore the funds can’t be truly reallocated other than gradually.

    With total funds earmarked and allocated to the schools budget the only way to solve this issue is to ask the Eastern European countries to pay for their own citizens who are causing our pupils numbers to rise out of control.

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