Further exchange with Education Minister

Yesterday I lobbied an Education Minister again about the proposed fair funding of schools and Wokingham’s needs. I am also pressing for a suitable pledge in the Conservative Manifesto.


  1. Narrow Shoulders
    April 20, 2017

    I hope you are calling for the same amount per pupil with allowances for disadvantage and previous performance. None of this English as an additional language nonsense. If a child can not speak English they should not be attending a mainstream school at our cost.

    I hope you also call for a reduction in the teachers’ final salary scheme payouts. It is the increased payments required from schools into this pot that is the source of much of the funding shortfall at present. The rest of the shortfall comes from having too many children unexpectedly in the country.

  2. S. Akin DADA
    April 21, 2017

    Why would I not want to be like Your Excellency? – relentlessly seeking good things for all and sundry.

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