National election, local matters (for West Berkshire part of constituency)

West Berkshire has needed better funding for schools and for social care, like Wokingham Borough.

I have taken up the issue of why West Berkshire and Wokingham have been at the low end of the table for the amount of money per pupil and for the payments for social care relative to the population. The government did increase its social care payments recently, but will need to do so again for our local area.

I was part of the Fairer funding group that lobbied the government to increase the per pupil sums for our schools. Some better funded schools elsewhere in the country receive more than twice as much for each pupil, which makes the gap too large. The government has agreed to narrow the gap and give fairer grants to West Berkshire and Wokingham. I am pressing for improvements over the proposed formula.

I wish to work with West Berkshire Council on proper funding of local services. I also wish to continue to help on matters like flooding and transport, where the Council needs help or has to work in partnership with the national government and quangos.

Published and Promoted by Fraser McFarland on behalf of John Redwood, both of 30 Rose Street Wokingham RG40 1XU