Fairer funding for schools

I hear someone is saying on social media I was not involved in the Wokingham schools fairer funding campaign. As MP in the last two Parliaments I joined in the Parliamentary fairer funding campaign, lobbying Ministers in meetings and in debates and other exchanges. I was and am committed to the need for fairer funding and glad it is now government policy.

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  1. Angela Azzopardi
    May 31, 2017

    Good morning – I believe the confusion arose as you don’t seem to have had any involvement in the local fairer funding campaign group. It was good to hear you say at last night’s hustings that you think a bigger pot and more funding is required in addition to the funding pledged in the manifesto, which is a cut in real terms. I wonder if you could clarify please what level of funding per pupil you believe Wokingham pupils need and what level you would fight for if elected? I know funding in any future government continues to be a huge concern for local parents, teachers and Head Teachers. As you will be aware pigott school in the neighbouring constituency announced redundancies this week. What will you do specifically? thank you in advance for clarification

    Reply I will continue to make the case for a higher total for English schools, and for changes to the draft formula to give a higher per pupil sum to all schools. The aim is to achieve a reasonable real terms increase in Wokingham/West Berkshire schools finances.

    1. Angela Azzopardi
      May 31, 2017

      Thank you for your reply – the question remains as to what a “reasonable” increase means. I fear that the DFe think “efficiencies” are to be made where there are none. As a basic minimum class sizes of 30 or under in Secondary would be a good start and there also needs to be enough money to buy new text books and the basics needed to run a school, such as pens, glue sticks and paper. There are huge and increasing issues as I’m sure you aware in teacher recruitment and retention both locally and nationally. The fabric of many of our schools is in a poor state. The curriculum is getting narrowed in many schools nationally and locally and this will cost us dear as a Nation in the future. I would welcome you opposing the creation of new Free Schools and Grammar schools at the expense of our existing excellent comprehensive schools. The benefit of the latter as increasing social mobility is not proven. I believe that Education is a huge issue in this election, and rightly so. I see only promises of cuts from the Conservative party in general and a real lack of understanding of the issues from both our Prime Minister and Justine Greening. Much more needs to be done.

  2. Vanessa Lobato
    May 31, 2017

    It was good to see you speak at the Wokingham hustings last night. As a parent concerned about school funding in Wokingham this is the first time I’ve seen you talk about this locally in person. I was pleased to hear you say a bigger pot of money and more funding for schools is needed in addition to the pledge in the Conservative manifesto which currently equates to a real term cut. Previously your blogs seem to suggest funding should come from money given to schools in other areas; schools are responsible for cuts due to financial mismanagement and teachers should start teaching classes larger than 30. For clarification please will you confirm what level of funding per pupil you will be campaigning for if re-elected.

    Also, is the Parliamentary fairer funding campaign part of http://www.fairfundingforallschools.org/ if not is it possible to better understand who heads this up and which MPs are involved and exactly what they are campaigning for. Many thanks

    Reply The fairer funding group of MPs has included various MPs in the past two Parliaments representing LEAs that get low figures per pupil and per school. Its two main aims have been to get government to propose a formula which gives a higher per pupil sum to all pupils in all state schools in England before the various add on for deprivation, special needs etc, and to ensure better levels of cash to schools in their areas. MPs have been happy to work with others of a like mind. I have myself both argued for fairer funding , with a higher per pupil universal amount, and for more in total, as you can see from my various past entries on this site.

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