The A329M and the M4

The decision of Highways England to alter the slip road access at the A329M and M4 junction has caused difficulties for those travelling on the A 329 M.
I have been seeking a remedy ever since I first saw the plans, which decided to halve the road capacity on the A 329 M for through traffic in order to relieve pressure and back up on the M 4.

I was told that traffic models showed one lane was sufficient for the A 329 M , and one dedicated lane for merging M 4 traffic would help the flow off the M 4. That did not seem likely to me. It hasn’t worked out like that.

They did agree to undertake a study to see why people have been unhappy about the results of their works. As I expected this study has concluded that there is increased congestion on the A329 M following the works on the junction. They then seek to blame driver behaviour and look for solutions that will guide or direct drivers to get it to work. The truth is driver behaviour has been affected by the changes made to the road layout. Drivers do cut across from the M4 slip onto the fast lane of the A 329 M which is the single through lane because they see they have to merge with other cars on the slip.Cars have to pull out of the slow lane into the fast lane on the A 329 M because their lane disappears altogether.This can cause difficulties.

There may be modest improvements to be had from clearer signs and road markings to control where cars can switch lanes, but the real need is for more capacity which I will continue to press for.

Published and promoted by Fraser Mc Farland on behalf of John Redwood both at 30 Rose Street Wokingham Rg 40 1 XU


  1. alan jutson
    May 30, 2017

    Why is it that Government Departments always want to make the results suit their studies, and then blame others, rather than just accept they made a cock up and need to rectify it.

    The tarmac is still present on the A329M for two through lanes, all that has changed is that one of those lanes has cross hatch markings, and we now have two separate lanes coming off the M4 which cuts into it 200 plus metres past the junction.

    Only last weekend did I see a lorry change lanes rapidly from the slow slip road lane out onto the single A329m through lane nearly causing an accident.

    Keep up the pressure JR before more people are seriously injured.

  2. A. Einstein Jr.
    May 31, 2017

    I’ll switch lanes if I’m being held up by someone dawdling along at 50-60mph and as long as I don’t do so in a way that could cause a dangerous situation.

  3. Julian Allder
    May 31, 2017

    I’d like to see the accident figures from before and after the changes to the layout. Personally seen around half a dozen prangs and plenty of car bumpers littering the areas.
    I am always very aware of drivers finding themselves in the wrong lane with diminishing opportunities to avoid joining the M4 and pulling out dangerously into the A329M lane.

  4. Chris Brown
    May 31, 2017

    Typical of John Redwood to have his facts wrong. There is no such thing as a slow and fast lane, ask the police!

    I agree with what you’re saying, but don’t be an amateur.

    1. alan jutson
      June 8, 2017


      Why make an issue with the way road lanes are described, when we all know what is being discussed.

      Why not simply be pleased that we have an MP who is working and trying to resolve a local issue to everyones safety and advantage.

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