Money for local schools

Last week I reminded the Secretary of Sate for Education of the need for more cash for Wokingham and West Berkshire schools, and argued again the case for more money overall for English education, and for a fairer split of the funding.  This was an informal exchange, so I am also pressing for a further meeting to repeat my message from before the election going into  more detail again of the needs of our local schools.

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  1. Narrow Shoulders
    June 19, 2017

    Rather than seek additional funding why not address 5% of the supposed 8% shortfall. 3% extra contributions to the teacher pension pot to secure teachers’ rather generous pensions and 2% additional NI contributions which once again are going towards pensions.

    Would the government not be better served equalising the pensions offered to the public sector rather than seeking to spend more of our money?

    The new education settlement does not penalise any school. It merely removes over generous historical subsidies given to inner cities. Once again plenty of our taxes used to subsidise the mass immigration that brings such benefits to our economy

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