South West trains

Network Rail wrote to me with some good news this week. They reminded me that by 2018 they will increase peak capacity into Waterloo by 30%, meaning more seats for rail travellers.

The letter however, was more about the bad news of getting this expansion in place. This August they will close platforms 1-10 at Waterloo to extend and straighten platforms to accommodate longer trains and more passengers.

Commuters and other passengers are warned that this August will see reduced services. The network will be more prone to delays and difficulties if things go wrong. They tell us “there is never an ideal time to undertake such significant work.We have chosen this period to do the work as August is much quitter for the rail network…”

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  1. alan jutson
    July 9, 2017

    Good news.

    A certain amount of disruption is to be expected when completing such large projects.

    The important factor is to keep to the suggested timescale, and keep customers well informed so that they can plan their journey accordingly.
    Nothing worse when travelling than being delayed with no information.

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