Visit to Royal Berkshire hospital

I held a review meetings with the Chief Executive of the Royal Berkshire Hospital yesterday.

We covered a wide range of issues concerning quality of service and the future development of medical care in our area.

I was able to report a very low level of complaints to me about the service the hospital is offering. The Hospital of course has its own complaints and patient feedback systems which should normally be used where there are issues. They monitor these closely and are best placed to deal with them directly.


  1. alan jutson
    August 26, 2017

    Nothing much wrong with the Clinical treatment, but the administration is well below par as many of the clinical staff and nurses are aware.
    Quite why nothing has been seen to be done by management to rectify this problem I find puzzling.

    Waiting times are also growing, but then that is down to many more patients requiring treatment, the hospitals capacity has not grown at the same rate as the population which it serves, so no real surprise.
    The solution that the consultants appear to use is to simply delay treatment if possible until it is urgent.
    The problem with this type of action is that patients suffer for longer.

    Only real solution is for greater capacity to be made for treatment, I doubt that this can be done simply by trying to be more efficient, so it will require more money to be invested in the service.

  2. Local Lad
    August 27, 2017

    An unnecessary burden is being placed on RBH through what appears to be an internal NHS spat. Wokingham Medical Centre has until recently handled the minor clinical procedure of ear syringing. Suddenly we are told that this can only be done at RBH. The explanation? That procedure is no longer funded for GPs. The result? More travel and inconvenience for the patient. More pressure on RBH resources.

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