Meeting with West Berkshire Councillors

On Saturday I met the Conservative group of West Berkshire Councillors. We discussed planning, housing, Council tax, Council funding, schools and school budgets, social care and other relevant issues.

I explained that I am continuing to press for a better deal for West Berkshire and Wokingham on schools funding, the overall levels of Council funding, and social care money. I also advised them of my view on  Grazeley. I do not think the Councils should actively support a substantial settlement at Grazeley without promises about government money for the infrastructure that would be required, and without some reassurances about resisting other major sites on appeal.


  1. Evan Owen
    October 15, 2017

    I found it surprising that a conservative council challenged conservative planning policy on affordable housing. How much time and money was wasted?

  2. Ian Campbell
    October 15, 2017

    I share your reservations about infrastructure. However might I suggest you overlook two key issues, critical to preserving the future quality of life locally. One, where will the next big housing sites go, once the current Local Plan expires in 2032, is it? Two, how do we know Grazeley is the right location for a major housing project without first publicly reviewing all the other unprotected white land areas locally, including the options in north Hampshire?

    Needless to say, by planning further ahead land value capture becomes a major fund raising opportunity as I suggested to you before. This step will be more contentious but in my judgement is now likely. Attitudes are changing. It could be a way of keeping the alienated young on side.

  3. nigel seymour
    October 15, 2017

    I’m not the slightest bit interested in West Berks and what they do. I send pics regularly detailing pot holes in the Burghfield area. That’s what I care about locally and not much else. Nasty old me eh?. So, Brexit continues to roll on, or not, as the case may be. Judging by the individual interviews with cabinet members over the past few days in would appear that everything is in control and the birds are still singing in the nest…
    The Gov needs to spell out what a no deal means and what the consequences will be if the EU bide their time and take the UK toward a cliff edge…
    I am no fan of Gina Miller, but she got it absolutely spot on when she said some 12 months ago that it will all come down to the Brexit divorce bill!!

    Reply Others living in West Berks are concerned about what the Council does. We all have said the EU wants us to pay them a lot of money. It does not mean we should do so.

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