National Funding Formula for Schools

I lobbied the government to increase the total amount going to schools over the next three years, and to increase the proportion of the total going to Wokingham schools which were poorly funded by national standards. The government has now decided on its new National Funding Formula which does give increases to Wokingham schools, and  creates a guaranteed minimum of per pupil funding for every school in England. The government has also increased the amounts placed in the total settlement for schools as the figures below show.

Ministers have recently published figures which show how the provisional allocations under the new National Funding Formula for Schools:

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  1. Narrow Shoulders
    October 25, 2017

    Without the per pupil amounts those figures have less meaning.

    Is Tower Hamlets still receiving double the amount per pupil? How about Newham?

    The deprivation and English as an additional language awards continue to skew the figures away fromĘ the base population who pay the tax.

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